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What is that flashing folder with question mark in the middle of my screen?

This icon may simply mean your startup disk was deselected or it may be sign of bigger hard drive or system software problem. In either situation, we recommend you bring your system to our Service department (no appointment necessary, but phone ahead to find out how soon we will be able to look at it) for testing.

Can my Mac get a virus?

While no computer is immune to malware or viruses, the Mac OS X has had an excellent track record of very few successful attacks. Having said that, Apple recommends that you protect your computer from possible infection and we can advise you about the possible solutions. For a fee, we can scan your Mac for viruses. If you wish to do it yourself, there are free anti-virus software for the Mac such as ClamXAV available online.

How long will it take to fix my computer?

There is no set turn around time for fixing your computer as different problems present different challenges. Generally speaking, technicians will call customer within 24hrs of your Mac being signed in (weekends excluded). We do our best to provide fast, convenient, no-appointment-necessary service but only our experienced technicians can give you a reasonable estimate of the time required to service your system.

My Mac seems slow and sluggish. Is there anyway to make my machine go faster?

Technically, there is no way to make your Mac go faster short of buying a faster machine. Still, we can recommend a number of ways to get more, better performance from your computer, such as faster RPM hard drives, solid state drives, additional RAM and cleanup maintenance of your system can improve the efficiency and performance of your Mac.

What we suggest will depend on a number of factors including your expectations (what software are you using?), the hardware specifications and age of your computer and it’s options for expansion (how much total RAM and hard drive can it handle?).  Please talk to service technician for more details.

What is the password for the used machine I just bought from you?

There is no password for our used computers: we leave it blank so when you are asked for one (for example when installing or updating software, just click OK or tap the RETURN or ENTER key on your keyboard.

How do I know which model of Mac I have?

The best way for us to help you find out this information is for you to first locate your Mac’s serial number, then phone or email us so we can check it on Apple’s database.

How do I hook my Mac up to a TV or larger monitor?

We carry a wide variety of cable adapters but the answer depends on the video output connection type on your Mac and the corresponding video input connection where you attaching it (your TV, computer monitor or projector). There are a number of ways for  you to identify the video output jack on your Mac. If you can tell us the serial number of your Mac we can identify your model so we can tell you what adapter will work for your solution.

I just bought a used Mac from you and I want to change the default ‘user” name to something else. Can I simply just rename the home folder?

User folder names should never be renamed, as it will create a variety of problems, which may require a costly trip to service to fix. The default “user” account name is created for purpose of prepping used Macs. If you have not created any content under “user” account you may want to consider creating a new account with your preferred name in Account System Preference and deleting default “user” account afterwards.

I need a part for my Mac. Why do you need serial number in order to check if you have part?

In short, there is no way of “guessing” which part is needed for your Mac. Although many Macs physically look the same the internal design and parts are often different. Think of the serial number as your Macs DNA. By inputting serial number into Apple’s service website we can determine model type, part numbers, configuration specs and other information specific to your Mac.

Is it necessary to do preventative maintenance on my Mac?

Rather than waiting for a problem to surface, it is a good idea to have your Mac checked out at least once a year. Preventative maintenance spares you downtime, data loss and costly repairs in the future when you can least afford to be without your computer. Our preventative maintenance services include: hard drive, RAM and hardware testing, system cleanup and virus scan.

Do you service other Apple products like iPods, iPhones and iPad?

Because Apple Canada has not authorized us for sale or service of these products, at this time we do not service or support iPods, iPhones or iPads.

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